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Welcome to Carolina Christian School
A note from the Head of School - Dr. Alex Grey

When I was in college, I was told the wisest piece of advice I have ever heard and I still listen to those words to this day.  Those words are  "anyone can have knowledge, but it takes someone special to have wisdom."   Those words were told to me in an offhand comment from an electrician repairing an outlet in my classroom, but they had more of an impact than almost anything else I have learned in my academic career.  Knowledge is simply knowing facts about things; however, wisdom is defined as knowledge about God's truth.  Colossians 1:28 tells us that  "We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ."   Just as the electrician said to me many years ago, when we are instructed in how to gain wisdom, how special we can become indeed!

As and independent Christian school, the mission of Carolina Christian School is to  "Teach the mind and guide the soul through a deeper understanding of God the Creator and His world."   We strive to accomplish this mission by drawing our students closer to the Lord through a study of science, math, history, language, fine arts, physical education, and Biblical studies, accompanied with a charge to serve others just as we serve Christ in our daily walk with Him.  
Our faculty partners with your family to provide a quality education, infused with a Christian worldview, that will challenge, motivate, and inspire your student to experience growth both in the academic and spiritual realms.

We invite you to explore the ways that Carolina Christian School strives to provide an exceptional, unapologetically Christian educational experience to each of our students on a daily basis.  In doing so, I feel your family will discover a caring, Christian environment that your family will fee proud to call home.

In Christ,

Dr. Alex Grey


Carolina Christian School:  Preschool, PreK, K- Grade 12

"To teach the mind and guide the soul through a deeper understanding of God the Creator and His world."

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