High School Grades 9th-12th

All Coursework is College Preparatory

      o  Standard Level Courses

      o  Honors Level Courses

AP Courses 

      o AP Calculus

      o AP Biology

      o  AP Literature and composition

      o  AP US History 

Foreign Language 

      o  Spanish 1 and 2 are Standard Level Courses

      o  Spanish 3 and 4 are Honors Level Courses


Pre ACT and PSAT testing are administered yearly and results are utilized for personalized discussions regarding results with the College and Career Advisor.


All students are provided yearly College and Career advising from 9th-12th Grades.

Student relational bonds are strengthened at yearly 3-day retreat at Teen Valley Ranch.


Student Government Association serves as an elected service organization.


Community Service Opportunities are available for students.


Academic Excellence is recognized by membership in the National Honor Society, whose four pillars are:

  • scholarship

  • leadership

  • character

  • service

Athletic options are Men’s and Women’s soccer, Women’s Volleyball, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Golf, and Archery.

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