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Isaac Anders Oxford was a friend, gifted student, avid gamer, and one of the most unique individuals one could encounter.  From an early age, Isaac showed a proclivity for artistry and creativity and grew to become a talented artist.  He began attending Carolina Christian School in 2007, and quickly shined in his academic successes.  In 2009, he was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia, and began a years-long battle with the disease.  Throughout his sickness, Isaac was driven to fight with a determined spirit, to trust in God for his strength, and to maintain a constantly cheerful demeanor.  Although Isaac has left this world, he lives on forever in the hearts of the CCS family.  We have established the Isaac Anders Oxford Memorial Fund with the goal of sharing God’s love in a tangible way with other CCS students in a manner that is God-honoring as Isaac always strived to be.

The objective of the Isaac Anders Oxford Memorial Fund is to offer scholarships to students with financial need who display the following characteristics:

  • Determination 

  • Commitment to strong work ethic

  • Academic achievement

  • Christ-like compassion

If you would like to donate to the Isaac Anders Oxford Memorial Fund, you may do so in one of the following ways:

  • Send in a check to the Carolina Christian School finance office (memo:  Isaac Anders Oxford Memorial  Fund)

  • Donate online using our Make a Gift button.

  • CCS Spirit Rock.  Proceeds from the CCS Spirit Rock will be added to the Isaac Anders Oxford Memorial Fund.  Click to sign up for the CCS Spirit Rock.

For more information on the Isaac Anders Oxford Memorial Fund


Carolina Christian School

406 Renee Ford Road

Locust, NC 28097

Phone: 704-888-4432 

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