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Welcome to Carolina Christian School.

Whether you are a parent, a student, or someone searching for an outstanding Christian school, you will find a superb  school community right here.  We are a private, Christian school dedicated to teaching the mind and guiding the soul through a deeper understanding of God the Creator and His world. Located 20 minutes east of Charlotte in the town of Locust, North Carolina, CCS serves students in PreK to 12th grade.   We also offer a 3-Day Preschool program for children ages 2-4 years of age.


At Carolina Christian School, we prepare our students to work through real-life situations as a person of faith, character and integrity. It is our desire that all students are prepared for higher education with a strong academic and spiritual foundation, that they identify and utilize their God-given gifts and talents for kingdom growth, and are effective communicators and thoughtful problem solvers.   Carolina Christian School is intentionally Christian to foster leadership, encourage spiritual transformation and provide academic excellence to impact the local and global communities for Christ.   


Committing to send your son or daughter Carolina Christian School is an investment. Please take some time to explore our website and then call to schedule a tour with our Admissions Director. We know that when you come to visit, you will have a chance to experience what makes Carolina Christian School exceptional!

The governing School Board has developed the following statements to help in the direction of our policies and administration of our school.  
  • Carolina Christian School is an extension of the on-going ministry of Carolina Presbyterian Church (PCA) for the purpose of reaching children and youth for Christ, then to be responsible for helping them grow in their faith.
  • ALL academic knowledge should therefore be related to Biblical principles and godly character.
  • If Carolina Christian School is to teach principles based on God's Word, and to enable children to make right decisions, help them resist temptation, and to live respectable lives, we need the help of parents.  When parents are enthusiastic about learning, their excitement will motivate their children.
  • Teachers are to be role models for the children, teaching with the love of Christ in all things.
  • Curriculum and teaching methods will always uphold the sanctity of human life from conception until death, the traditional family, and that God direclty created this Earth and all life on it without using any secondary processes such as evolution from one species to another.
  • Curriculum and teaching will be used that encourages the support of the divinely ordained institutions of family, church, and government.  It will also be God-based yet child-centered and will be used to reinforce a solid principle of work ethic.
Carolina Christian School was born from a desire of the Carolina Presbyterian Church (PCA) to offer families from the local and surrounding communities an educational alternative founded on eternal truth.  Having operated a Preschool for a number of years, the leadership of the church determined that Carolina Christian School would be a natural outgrowth of an already existing ministry that had proven to be successful.  After much prayer, counsel, planning, and research, the school opened its doors on August 16, 1999, to twenty students in Kindergarten through Second Grade.  Since that time, the school has grown to grades PreK through Twelfth, and our first Senior class graduated in 2012.
Leadership, spiritual transformation, and academic excellence for the local and global community.

To teach the mind and guide the soul through a deeper understanding of God the Creator and His world. 

Carolina Christian School is triple accredited through Christian Schools International (CSI), Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Cognia.  For more information on these organizations, please visit the websites provided below.

We are licensed through the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Instruction.

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